May 2016

Double cheeseburger – forest burger

Incredible double cheesebruger with wild chanterelle mushrooms and kajmak, all cooked on fire!

Kulen calzone – simple recipe

Simple yet delicious calzone with homemade kulen and white cheese!

Chicken wings – super hot BBQ sauce

Free-range chicken wings on grill with our special BBQ sauce, containing homemade Serbian extra hot dried chili and killing hot fresh green chili!

Best baked potato ever

Behold the tastiest baked potato in the world! Organic potato, coals, fire, homemade kaymak (fermented for 3 month), fresh wild chives and homemade extra virgin olive oil!

Strawberry punnet

Crispy coal baked puff pastry filled with easy homemade strawberry jam and amazing cream cheese!

Pizza Srbijana

What makes this pizza so special?

Beef goulash

Outstanding goulash from free-range beef, slow cooked for 8 hours AlmazanKithcen Style! Wok + clay pot + coals!

Drunken carp

Fresh organic carp, prepared on coals in balkan traditional “Sač” cookware!

Chocolate waterfall

Premium dark chocolate, melt on fire, spiced with it’s deadly dark twin, poured over crispy base made of premium mangalica lard and grano duro flour + walnuts on top!

Mangalica fillet and young peas

Soft, juicy mangalica tenderloin with some organic young peas as garnish, all served on crispy homemade somun bread! Wild nature, fire and water for ambient!

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