July 2016

Spring rolls

Crispy spring rolls from handmade dough with coal slow cooked chicken meat that simply melts in your mouth! Even better with some simple sweet chili dipping!

Hand caught trout

Is it possible to catch trout fish using only your hands? Yes, it is! In our new video we will show you how we catch our fish and how to cook it on coals, using corn husks.

Muckalica – pork stew

This pork stew is unlike anything you ever saw!

Sweet & sour chicken stir-fry

Fresh organic vegetables and free-range chicken with some light sauce and special roasted Syberian pine cone nuts! Simple stir-fry, superb for hot summer days!

Lazy börek

Quick & easy (lazy) börek made from scratch, with some refreshing fermented goat milk sauce!

Triple sausage sandwich

Cooking technique used in this video is something you haven’t yet seen (we promise you that!)!

Langos and apricot jam

Hungarian style lángos bread with fresh apricot jam made near beautiful waterfalls in Serbian mountain forest. If you need some relaxation this recipe is for you. Enjoy!

Pork sandwich

Mr.Ramsay the Owl is back and this time he challenged us to make best pork sandwich! Triple dose of extra hot sichuan pepper and roasted red chili made it flaming spicy, with no doubt, that sandwich is an absolute killer!

Chicken drumettes curry

Simple & delicious, this chicken curry will blow your mind! Fresh forest mushroom were not planned as an ingredient, but we found them just near our cooking place.

White mulberry crepe dessert

This time we got some wild white mulberries for our special crepe dessert! Enjoy!

Rainy steak – steak with mushroom sauce

We asked our chef Mr.Ramsay the Owl to help us identify some fresh blusher mushrooms that we found. It was still raining, but we decided to cook anyway. Are you ready for some steak?

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