September 2016

Beer And Beef Stew – Cooking Outside

The weather is still hot so we decided to make a refreshing soup from top quality free-range beef and organic veggies, with a notch of stout beer. We used a clay pot and fire.

Forest steak

Fresh organic ingredients combined using fire, near the wild mountain river, to bring you truly satisfying and relaxing experience!

Teriyaki chicken – feat. Mr.Ramsay the Owl

This chicken teriyaki is cooked in wild nature, on fire, with organic ingredients and the main chef is our owl – Mr.Ramsay!

Crispy Bacon Omelette

Crispy bacon + perfect free-range egg omelette + sweet & sour sauce, all cooked on fire in wild nature = super food!

Milanese pork feat. Mr.Ramsay the Owl

Mr.Ramsay the Owl told us what is crucial for the best milanese sauce. That’s right, tomatoes!

Forest nachos

Crispy coal baked nachos with triple homemade cheese sauce, homemade smoked bacon and organic veggies.

Chicken burger

Organic vegetables, free-range meat, amazing homemade mozzarella, incredible rose hip jam and one of the hottest peppers on the planet…

Worst dim sum ever – hard recipe

We usually make the BEST food, but this dumplings are really bad and hard to make ;)!

Grilled vegetarian salad

This refreshing salad made from organic grilled veggies. and crispy grilled bread made from scratch will show you that vegetarian recipes can be a foodporn too!

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