November 2016

Monte Cristo Sandwich

Cooked in the wild mountain forest, this awesome sandwich is made from homemade cured ham, cheese and bread, served with refreshing sweet & sour mango sauce cooked on fire.

Fish on Stick + Chili Oil

Super fresh trout roasted on improvised stick, on coals. While it was cooking we made some flavorful chili oil that combines aromas of different veggies, chili peppers and spices.

Forest Stir-Fry

Fresh organic veggies and meat stir-fried on fire in beautiful wild nature.

Cute Owl Cook – Mr.Ramsay the Owl’s Best Recipes

We all love Mr.Ramsay and it is time for him to have his own video (he made us do it)!

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Crispy coal-toasted homemade bread, fresh rocket, 30 years old balsamic vinegar and a pork leg that has been slow-cooked for 4 hours in special clay cookware

Lamb Chops – 1000$ Dish – feat. Mr.Ramsay the Owl

This is more than a cooking video, it’s a therapy that will satisfy all your sences at once and bring you deep relaxation and peace!

Kebab – Fermented in the Cave

This unique kebab is made using special fermentation techniques that turn the meat into a real flavor bomb!

The Magic Pumpkin Dessert

Why is this recipe called “magic pumpkin”?

Beef Rolls

This recipe features superb meat rolls made from free-range beef with cheesy stuffing, fresh sage and mild notes of fresh chili.

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