April 2017

Lamb Chops

Deep in the forest we combined multiple layers of strong flavoured spices with free-range lamb lard that is left from cooking those amazing chops…

Crêpe Suzette – feat. Mr.Ramsay the Owl

Traditional dessert that just melts in your mouth giving you the flavours of caramelized orange, homemade mascarpone cheese and soft, tasty pancakes.

Moroccan Chicken – feat. Mr.Ramsay the Owl

One of the Mr.Ramsay’s favourite recipes: free-range chicken, cooked for 4 hours in truly unique fireplace using special clay cookware!

Pancakes – Cottage Cheese – Cooking in the Forest

Imagine crispy, buttery pancakes that are cooked on fire in the forest and poured with blueberry caramel sauce also made from scratch…

Moussaka – Cooking on Fire – Ο Καλύτερος Μουσακάς

Traditional Greek dish prepared on fire in special clay cooware!

Egg & Ricotta Ravioli – feat. Mr.Ramsay the Owl

Why is this dish so special? Maybe because usually you don’t make ravioli in the forest…

Chicken Gyro

Fresh dough baked on coals, grilled free-range chicken with a special spice mix and refreshing tzatziki salad…

Best Potato Dauphinoise

Crispy & creamy organic potatoes baked in a special clay cookware on coals with a huge dose of homemade cheese!

Epic Cheeseburger – Stone-Fried in the Forest

Juicy free-range beef putty that is cooked using special techniques that you won’t see anywhere else! Plus some crispy fries cooked on fire and home made bread.

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