August 2017

1000$ Pizza – In the Forest on Fire

Are you ready for the most unique pizza that you ever saw? It is featuring premium homemade Serbian prsuta that is cured for 3 years under special conditons and fresh mozzarella cheese made from Serbian buffalo milk.

Cheese Potatoes – Forest Raclette

Wonderful nature, perfect summer day, 2 types of homemade cheese melt on fire for perfect raclette and put over special fried potato spirals made with AlmazanKitchen® special knife.

Meatball Sub – feat. Mr.Ramsay the Owl

The most ultimate and delicious foodporn meatball sandwich that you will ever see! Melt cheese, amazing spicy meatballs + cherry tomato sauce made from scratch.

Best Fried Chicken Ever – Forest Cooking

Free-range chicken cooked to perfectly crispy skin and tender juicy meat… Some fresh cranberry sauce with butter and wine notes as a perfect addition to this superb but easy meal cooked in our special forest kitchen…

Handmade Pasta in the Forest – feat. Mr.Ramsay the Owl

This incredible pasta dish is made 100% from scratch in the forest! One of Mr.Ramsay’s favorite dishes!

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