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Chicken Souvlaki

Coal-grilled chicken skewers infused with refreshing spicy marinade, simple and delicious!

Farfalle Pasta

What makes this pasta special? It’s the only one that is handmade from scratch near the frozen lake!

Winter Tacos

This is our last video…….for this year, ofc we are not going anywhere. Thanks everybody for supporting us so much on our first year on YouTube!

Pork Chops

This legendary pork chops are cooked on the stone plate, near the frozen lake. Aged balsamic vinegar and aromatic butter that we used made that meat look and taste absolutely special.

Mac and Cheese

Three different cheese types in a sauce that is made from real milk, from a real cow…

Lasagna Bolognese

Handmade egg pastry, superb sauces made from scratch, coal-roasted yellow pepper and cherry tomatoes for freshness, homemade provola cheese…

Crispy Pork

Super crispy mangalica pork cooked using special coal-roasting cookware and techniques.

Chili Con Carne

Mr.Ramsay the Owl helped us pick the best peppers for our mind-blowing chili that is made from scratch in the wild forest, close to a waterfall, using only organic home made ingredients.

Egg Sandwich

One of a kind, cooked on fire near beautiful waterfall.

Chicken Nuggets

Spicy and crispy with homemade sweet & sour sauce and a notch of wild chives.

Forest Cheeseburger

Wild mountain forest, waterfalls, fresh mushrooms growing right in the kitchen, ground spices, perfect free-range beef, fresh homemade bread, fresh rocket and of course a big dose of homemade cheese…

Monte Cristo Sandwich

Cooked in the wild mountain forest, this awesome sandwich is made from homemade cured ham, cheese and bread, served with refreshing sweet & sour mango sauce cooked on fire.

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