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Moussaka – Cooking on Fire – Ο Καλύτερος Μουσακάς

Traditional Greek dish prepared on fire in special clay cooware!

Egg & Ricotta Ravioli – feat. Mr.Ramsay the Owl

Why is this dish so special? Maybe because usually you don’t make ravioli in the forest…

Chicken Gyro

Fresh dough baked on coals, grilled free-range chicken with a special spice mix and refreshing tzatziki salad…

Best Potato Dauphinoise

Crispy & creamy organic potatoes baked in a special clay cookware on coals with a huge dose of homemade cheese!

Epic Cheeseburger – Stone-Fried in the Forest

Juicy free-range beef putty that is cooked using special techniques that you won’t see anywhere else! Plus some crispy fries cooked on fire and home made bread.

Popcorn Chicken

Are you ready for the most crunchy fried chicken?

The Ultimate Steak Sandwich – King of Sandwiches (Mr.Ramsay the Owl)

Perfectly cooked organic ribeye slices (approved by Mr.Ramsay the Owl), crispy onion rings in homemade ale tempura, fresh bun and refreshing smoked paprika sauce, all made on fire or course!

Best spaghetti and meatballs

For the first warm days of summer we decided to make the Italian classic – spaghetti and meatballs! Of course, everything (including fresh pasta) is made from scratch and cooked outside.

Hunter’s Steak

Tender free-range beef schnitzel-steak and delicious onion sauce, all cooked on fire, on a winter day in the magic mountain forest!

Stuffed Peppers – Cooking Outside on Winter

Coal baked organic peppers stuffed with homemade sausage filling cooked in clay cookware, on coals. Beautiful winter scenery and incredible food.


What makes this McChicken so special? It is the only one in the world that is made from scratch in the winter forest, near the frozen waterfall!

Cheburek – Super Food Cooked Outside

Imagine the fresh crispy fried dough with spicy and juicy meat filling that just melts in your mouth after you experienced that loud crisp… That’s what this cheburek is, and it will make you HUNGRY!

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