BOILED, LOADED & WRAPPED Baked Potatoes | Outdoor ASMR Cooking

BOILED, LOADED & WRAPPED Baked Potatoes | Outdoor ASMR Cooking

Hello food enthusiasts! In this video we are preparing loaded potatoes you have never seen before. Boiled and baked, stuffed with homemade sausage, and wrapped with bacon. Sit back and enjoy!

You will need these ingredients:

  • Homemade Sausage
  • Potatoes
  • Bacon
  • Spring Onion
  • Egg Yolk
  • Homemade Ketchup
  • Blueberry syrup
  • Almazan Kitchen® original cookware and utensils (optional)


  1. Cook any number of potatoes (just make sure to double-triple all other ingredients to match the quantity) for 20 minutes.
  2. Scoop out the meat of potatoes and fill with meat from fresh homemade sausages, make the deepening on the top for egg yolk in the following steps.
  3. Wrap around with thin slices of bacon.
  4. Mix homemade ketchup with blueberry syrup, we will use it as a mop sauce.
  5. Smoke-roast potatoes for 30 minutes on 375 F / 190 C. Mop with sauce every 10 minutes.
  6. When 2 minutes left before it’s ready, add egg yolks on the top of each potato.
  7. 2 minutes later…. Serve!
  8. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!


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