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Bushcraft Paratha – Best Dessert Ever???

Our show is not really about food only – it’s about the synergy of nature, international dishes, improvisation, and foodporn. Strawberry season is here and running in Serbia, so let’s take a lot of fresh homegrown strawberries, mix it with a handmade sweet flatbread that was originated in the Indian subcontinent and voila – awesome...


Game of Thrones Lemon Pie – Forest Made

While the whole world awaits with bated breath and makes guesses who will sit on Iron Throne, Almazan Kitchen makes a lemon pie inspired by Sansa’s favorite lemon cakes. Real dessert should not be difficult to make to be delicious! You will need only 7 ingredients to repeat this marvelous pie! (Seven Kingdoms, Faith of...


Epic Ice Cream Made in the Forest

Hi and welcome to AlmazanKitchen! Can you make the ice cream from scratch in the winter forest? Impossible you say? AlmazanKitchen says everything is possible if you really want to do it!


The Magic Pumpkin Dessert

Hi and welcome to AlmazanKitchen! Do you remember we have 1 pumpkin left uncooked from the Halloween? What a mess, ugh… It’s time to fix it! It’s been a while since we showed you great dessert recipes!


Langos and Apricot Jam

Hi and welcome to AlmazanKitchen! Beautiful weather, beautiful waterfall, beautiful ambient, beautiful campfire, everything is beautiful! Nature is beautiful by itself!

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