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Chicken Fried Steak – Best Original Recipe

Our lake is a portal to the mirror world, no doubt, because chicken fried steak which is made of no chicken in our reality, here it is made with chicken! It was kind of a task to get out of the mirror world with this recipe, but we successfully overcame any obstacles on our way...


T-bone on a Stick – Primitive, Bushcraft, Epic!

Steak is something really primal and primitive, meat in the life circle of a mankind will always have a dominant position for healthy nutrition. You don’t need a lot to make this juicy T-bone the best thing you will ever try! Campfire, fork-like stick, salt & pepper and here you go! Of course, we have...


Best Delmonico Steak – Bushcraft Style

There’re many steaks in the world, however everyone should remember that day back in 1837 when brothers Delmonico opened the first fine dining restaurant in the New York, which led to world’s renowned culinary institution. You know what exact dish led the restaurant to its recognition? Yep, that was the Delmonico steak! What is Delmonico...


Best Bushcraft Steak & Coal Baked Potatoes

Time to praise the sun with coal baking! Not a single power in the world can abstain from these delicious potatoes and steak flavored with olive oil, garlic and rosemary stick, with awesome mix of Serbian clotted cream – Kajmak, onions, some chili and lime juice! You will need these ingredients: fake beef fillet potatoes...


Epic Forest Ribeye Steak – Bushcraft Italian Steak

One of the most beautiful days this winter, just look how sun plays with this awesome ribeye juice! Feel the chill, don’t be scared of it, sit by the fire and watch how Boki gently slices those cherry tomatoes, mixing it with handful of rocket salad and beans, just a little bit of balsamico sauce...


Awesome Steak & Omelette Salad

Light yet nourishing and easy to make breakfast dish. When you’re hungry as a wolf you don’t want to spend a lot of time on the kitchen: a little bit of this, a little bit of that and voilà – time to eat. Here we have a great preposition for that kind of dish. Few...


40 Day Aged T-bone God! – Must See!

True winter has come to our place, it’s time to open Boki’s magical storage and find there 40-day dry aged T-bone! We’re warning you: this video is for real steak lovers, rare T-bone is the true way it should be served. Delicious and flavorful piece of meat cannot be unnoticed by local gang, as usually...

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