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Turkey on a Rope – Bushcraft Primitive Style

When someone says to you “primal food” what do you imagine? In 95% of cases you will answer “Primitive man eats big chicken leg” … Do you follow where we lead you? Today we want to return to those times where you need no fancy stoves or grills. Where your stove is trees and stones...


Epic Crisp Bushcraft Pie

Do you remember, not a while ago we wrote about magical Balkan weather? Today we want to share with you our secret jungles which are green even on winter days. No less special is the recipe we brought with us today – complicated at first sight yet essentially very lazy and easy to recreate! Layered...


Forest Turkey Curry

The most beautiful turkey leg curry you ever seen in your life. This dish was so awesome that even our new friend otter attracted to its smell.


The Best Turkey Curry

Hi and welcome to AlmazanKitchen! Spicy, creamy, simply delicious, this is more than a simple recipe, it’s the only curry in the world that is made from scratch