Where can I find your knives and other items?

All items are available to be purchased at our shop page!

I found an online shop/Amazon on the internet with your items, is it a right place to order?

NO! Original AlmazanKitchen products can be ordered only via our shop page!

Your knife is called “Serbian Chef’s knife” and you didn’t invent it!

The first time our knife has been shown online was in our “How to Make Quesadilla…” video and it was published on Feb 3, 2016.

After that, Shawn W – DIY channel person, made video of our knife replica and called it “The Serbian Chef’s Knife” because we didn’t have the name for it back then – that video was published on Mar 12, 2017.

Fake sites appeared on August 2017. Feel free to use domains info research sites. We hope this exact Q/A clarifies everything.

And how can you prove that you’re the lawful owner of the “Almazan Kitchen” trademark and not another counterfeit?

Feel free to check out our official trademark registry: trademarks.justia.com/876/95/almazan-87695001.html

What does “Almazan” stand for? Is it a town in Spain?

No, Almazan is our surname: Boki Almazan, Alex Almazan.

Any other information about the name is false and is often propagated on fake merchandise websites.

Where are you from?

We’re from Serbia. (Balkan Peninsula)

Where do you make the food and film your videos?

Everything is made and produced in Serbia.

Where can I find your recipes?

All of our recipes you can find on our website www.almazankitchen.com.

Do you have any vegetarian recipes?

Sure! Visit our website www.almazankitchen.com and use search engine with keyword “vegetarian”!

Do you have seafood or fish recipes?

Yes! We have both! Visit our website www.almazankitchen.com and use search engine with keyword “fish” or “seafood”.