Great, nourishing and ultimately tasty dish for the whole family and even all neighborhood! What can be better than a good chunk of lamb cut cooked in clay kazan with good amount of onion, carrots, garlic and chives! That is right – everything of these plus awesome Almazan pilaf spice mix and 4-5 slices of stelja! What is Stelja, Mr. Almazan? Stelja is special traditional Serbian dried sheep meat made by the old recipe which passes over generations! Ultimate flavor is guaranteed!

You will need this ingredients:

  • 700g lamb cut
  • 4-5 stelja slices
  • 400g rice
  • 2 onions, carrots, grapes of garlic, handful of chives
  • oil, 3 tbsp. Almazan pilaf spice mix
  • AlmazanKitchen™ original cookware and utensils (optional)


  1. Slice fat off lamb cut, we will need it later then slice lamb cut into medium pieces. Leave the bone part with a bit of a meat around.
  2. Slice 2 big onions in half, then dice it.
  3. Slice 2 carrots.
  4. Preheat clay kazan on the fire, grease it with oil, toss in lamb fat we sliced in the step #1, meat slices and bone part.
  5. Slice 4-5 stelja slices into strips. Toss it into kazan.
  6. Toss onions into kazan, stir well!
  7. Cover with lid and slow cook for 1 hour.
  8. Add 3 tbsp. of Almazan pilaf spice mix. Mix well!
  9. Toss carrots into the kazan. Stir well, cover with lid and cook for 30 min more.
  10. Boil the water, pour it into the kazan afterwards.
  11. Add 400g of rice, spread it evenly. Cover with lid and cook for 20 min.
  12. Place 3 whole garlic inside the rice. Slow cook for 10 minmore.
  13. Finish off with handful of fresh chives….
  14. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

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