Lava Cake - Caramel Explosion

Lava Cake – Caramel Explosion

Hello world! What do you think about baking famous dessert on coals? Check this out and imagine it in your mouth: Sweet chocolate cake with liquid caramel center... mmm... I know you want it! So let's begin then! You will need this ingredients: For filling(for 5-10 cakes): 3 tbsp. sugar 3 tbsp. cream ...

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How to Make Bruschetta - Crostini Recipe | AlmazanKitchen Recipes

How to Make Bruschetta – Crostini Recipe

How to Make Bruschetta? Let's get it on! Pretty easy and fast recipe for dem parties and all dem girls, all of your friends will enjoy it and will call you a King of Foodie, or just a FoodPartyKing! You will need this ingredients (for 3 crostinis): Somun bread 100g vešalica 100g kulen ...

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