Steak Pie with Hand Made 0.1mm Thin Dough – Crisp & Cheese

Steak Pie with Hand Made 0.1mm Thin Dough

Today we are going to show you an old skill – how to make perfect dough for the traditional Serbian pita with the minced meat filling! Please, take a look at the way this kind of dough is made. It is stretched by hand into a thin transparent sheath, then filled with free-range beef mince and rolled into a spiral shape for baking. Pitas made this way are beyond delicious. For us, a perfect day in life is what you see in this video – sitting on the bank of the clear forest spring, munching on a piece of culinary perfection. Birds chirping. Water running down the rocky river-bed. Sun dancing through the leaves. Trees standing tall, offering shade in abundance.

Life is good.

You will need these ingredients:

  • Beef cut
  • Kajmak (Sour Cream)
  • Spring onions
  • Flour, water
  • Salt, oil
  • Almazan Kitchen® original cookware and utensils (optional)


  1. Mix 2 hands of flour with 1 hand of water and ½ tsp. of salt. Knead well, form a ball.
  2. Chop & mince the beef cut, salt to taste, and mix with chopped spring onion.
  3. For the next step, it’s crucial to see the video for instructions.
  4. Attenuate and flatten out the dough really thin.
  5. Place filling on the dough, add few drops of thick sour cream.
  6. Roll up in spiral-like we did in the video.
  7. Bake for 480 F / 250 C for 30 min.
  8. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!


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