Have you ever wondered how to make perfectly juicy meatloaf? All these fancy ovens you have at home, with electronics and etc. But what about the campsite, or outdoor kitchen? You know who to ask, and we are right here to answer you! Almazan Kitchen meatloaf recipe is a...

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Ultimate Hawaii Pizza - Handmade Bushcraft Oven

Ultimate Hawaii Pizza – Handmade Bushcraft Oven

There’re two types of people: who loves pineapple on their pizza, and who absolutely hates even a slight mention of pineapple as a pizza topping. We’re the first type, we think this Hawaiian pizza is awfully underrated. It’s sweet, salty and cheesy all in one bite! Best variation ever! Which...

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KFC Double Down - Bushcraft Style

KFC Double Down – Bushcraft Style

One of an interesting way to serve a chicken burger is a KFC seasonal dish called “Double Down”. We tried it once and right away there was an idea to have a hot variation on that original meal. Extravagant double-layered coating for boneless chicken legs made of buttermilk, egg, flour...

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