Reuben Sandwich - Outdoor Kitchen

Reuben Sandwich – Outdoor Kitchen

Crowd’s favorite Reuben sandwich in Almazan Kitchen style! Smoked & cured ham for flavor foundation, sauerkraut and pickles for sour notes, savory and gentle tomato cheese, fresh bread, bitter & creamy curcuma sauce. Mix all together and voila – welcome full range carnival in your mouth!You...

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Bushcraft Tapas - 1 Year Old Ham

Bushcraft Tapas – 1 Year Old Ham

You are hiking and want to take a halt for shortrecharge break? This awesome snack called “tapa” will do its job fast and tasty when your natural surroundings will remind you of our amazing forest kitchen! These fast sandwiches are made of just a bunch of ingredients: delicious prosciuttos, ciabatta, parmesan...

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King of Fondue - Cheese Extreme

King of Fondue – Cheese Extreme

The one and only true food ASMR show and cheese foodporn on the Internet! We’re grateful for this generous anonymous homemade cheese donation from England and Italia. Today’s Swiss dish of 3 different melted cheeses are represent along with home-baked bread croutons and the best dry-aged ham you ever can...

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Alien Food - Godzilla Okonomiyaki

Alien Food – Godzilla Okonomiyaki

Attention! Mysterious unknown dish was spotted in the Serbian forest! In the closer look our correspondents can verify that it is an amazing popular Japanese street-food dish called “Okonomiyaki” made in the way of AlmazanKitchen! That is a new sensation! You don’t want to miss these forest made pancakes with...

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Cordon Blue - Forest Cooking

Cordon Blue – Forest Cooking

Why is it the best you would ask? It’s the only cordon blue in the world that is made in the forest from scratch using organic homemade ingredients by your beloved channel AlmazanKitchen!And we’re happy to share it with you! We give you more than a single video, we share...

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