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Cheburek – Super Food Cooked Outside

Hi and welcome to AlmazanKitchen! Imagine the fresh crispy fried dough with spicy and juicy meat filling that just melts in your mouth after you experienced that loud crisp…


Amazing Mulberry Dessert

Hi and welcome to the AlmazanKitchen! This day we didn’t really want to film a recipe, we were just walking around, relaxing, talking, took a homemade puff pastry with ourselves to make a toppings with cream & sugar.


Puff Pastry Caramel Dessert

Hi and welcome to the AlmazanKitchen Blog! Today we want to represent you something unusual, something different and of course very very very delicious.


Best Pie Ever – 0.02mm Thick Pastry

Hello! Look what we’ve brought you! Pro level cooking, within beloved nature. Our chief learned this technique from the Chinese cooking masters from one of the oldest villages.