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Fan Wish Came True! – Hasenpfeffer Rabbit Stew

Loyalty, consistency, and iron commitment are the most valuable traits in a human’s life. If you want something in life with all of your heart and full dedication, one day you will get it no matter what. This video is admiration and greetings to one of our old fans. Deep in the forest hiding under...


Beef Jerky Forest Made – Mindblowing Bushcraft Food

Like nature brings us joy with all-round blooming, we bring you really cool recipe we made in our renewed forest. The way of making those you will see today is not common or traditional, it’s a way of AlmazanKitchen! Jerky is the coolest snack in the world! It can be made of various meat, it’s...


Best Bacon Rolled Fried Peppers – Bushcraft Food

Balkans are very interesting area of the World, in one part you have deep snow, in another you have running rivers and green grass. In that case that is not a surprise to have red hybrid pepper – half chili, half bell pepper. The best way to make dish with peppers is to stuff them...


Forest Fritata Recipe

Hi and welcome to AlmazanKitchen! Marvelous Frittata recipe from AlmazanKitchen! What is frittata? Frittata is egg-based Italian dish similar to an omelet

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