Bushcraft Tapas - 1 Year Old Ham

Bushcraft Tapas – 1 Year Old Ham

You are hiking and want to take a halt for shortrecharge break? This awesome snack called “tapa” will do its job fast and tasty when your natural surroundings will remind you of our amazing forest kitchen! These fast sandwiches are made of just a bunch of ingredients: delicious prosciuttos, ciabatta, parmesan...

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Greatest Food Video of All Time! - Gyros on Rope

Greatest Food Video of All Time! – Gyros on Rope

The most amazing gyros video on our channel and on worldwide web so far! Juicy fresh meat schnitzels spiced with chili oil and dried oregano,attached onto special primitive wood handcrafted device with rope for spin-grilling! Do you see how juice dripping out? Yes, it’s so delicious and we don’t want...

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Dog Kebab - Would You Try That

Dog Kebab – Would You Try That

Everyone likes hot-dogs and kebabs, right? So why don’t we mix it in one delicious dish? Let us introduce guest of this episode – Hugestuffed dog-kebab!Mmm… that juicy dripping meat grilled on hot coals, cheese isgently melting inside mixing with the meat giving it full range of flavors. Special fresh...

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Cheese Bomb Steak-Burger! - Epic Foodporn

Cheese Bomb Steak-Burger – Epic Foodporn

Unbelievable 12-layer burger with huge amount of cheese and meat! Nutrition friendly burger - full of proteins (a loooot!), carbs and of course not without good fats and micros! That’s not all! This video is real foodporn, cheese slowly melting on the steak-like meat slices soaked in garlic-chili oil, with green-yogurt...

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Primitive BBQ - The King Of BBQ

Primitive BBQ – The King Of BBQ

The most primitive pork BBQ in the World! Soft, juicy, tender and unbelievably crispy chunk of meat grilled following the special technique using only stick, rope and of course fire! Awesome BBQ sauce made from scratch is also included! Do not hesitate to check it out and repeat yourself! You will...

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Sarmale - Primitive Cooking

Sarmale – Primitive Cooking

Very beautiful and exciting scenery for April with even more awesome dish called “Sarmale” - Romanian cabbage rolls! Snowfall will never stop AlmazanKitchen from making videos for you - our dear friends! Everything made just how we all love - in a rustic natural style! Cracking fire – you even...

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Best Humus and Meatrope - Primitive Cooking

Best Humus and Meatrope – Primitive Cooking

Undoubtedly the best humus and “Meatrope” in the World! Why it is the best? Because it looks very appetizing and is unbelievably tasty & nourishing! Skip the “Meatrope” and you will have marvelous vegetarian dish!  It’s a win-win for everyone and everything! We use only organic and natural ingredients for...

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Stuffed Pork Chop - Primitive Cooking

Stuffed Pork Chop – Primitive Cooking

Unique stuffed pork chop recipe awaits you! Very unusual pork recipe you can find only on AlmazanKitchen’s channel! Slow cooked meat, stuffed with awesome fresh veggies, fully infused with its flavors and under natural sauce! We can’t even find words to describe this dish! It’s natural, amazingly tasty and soft!...

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Primitive Cooking - Pork Jelly

Primitive Cooking – Pork Jelly

An amazing aspic common dish – Pork Jelly, used as starter all over the world. We took it way beyond that! Now you can have a full belly using this recipe! There’s everything you need! Smoked meat, eggs, veggies, also a berries and awesome spice mix. Can you feel the...

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BBQ Ribs - Dangerous to Watch

BBQ Ribs – Dangerous to Watch

The most extraordinary video we ever had on our channel! Original approach, unique special AlmazanKitchen™ BBQ sauce, improvised smoking pit infused with rosemary for extra flavor and allthis was dressed with true ASMR and Foodporn experience! Can you feel the aroma of this special BBQ Ribs? Just imagine: soft, juicy,...

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Epic Glazed Avocado Loin - Winter Outside Cooking

Epic Glazed Avocado Loin – Winter Outside Cooking

Marvelous, very delicious and awesome dish made from improvised ingredients. Tender and fresh loin cut, under very thick and rich sauce made from homemade wine, vinegar and molasses. It was served on the avocado meat garnish. This is the true explosion of flavors! We also didn’t forget about your another...

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Godlike Sandwich

Godlike Sandwich

The most satisfying autumn sandwich video made in the beautiful yellow Serbian forest fullyscattered with the fallen leaves. Awesome filling made from the most delicious tenderloin under the interesting combination of additional ingredients making rich sweet & sour sauce. Veggies and some melted cheese perfectly complement the whole filling for...

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Juicy Pork Tacos - In the Forest from Scratch

Juicy Pork Tacos – In the Forest from Scratch

Hi and welcome to AlmazanKitchen! Can you make tacos in the forest completely from scratch? Yes you can, we made them for you and they are juicy and extremely delicious! Cooked on fire, from organic ingredients, this is the next taco level! Try it out! You will need this ingredients: 1 hand...

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Super Crispy Spring Rolls - Forest Cooking

Super Crispy Spring Rolls – Forest Cooking

The only spring rolls in the world that are made 100% from scratch in the forest! Super crispy hand-made dough, spicy, juicy meat, fresh organic veggies and special sauce from the cherries we picked in our forest. This is one of our favorite recipes which you can try out because...

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