Hellfire Shrimps

Hellfire Shrimps! – ASMR Foodporn Outdoors

You know what is great for winter days? Grilled shrimps with simple yet amazing marinade made of oil, garlic and shallot! There’s more – fruity sauce with mango and tomato mixed with known garlic-shallot marinade, and finally we have interesting and delicious dish full of flavor! Kitty Crew patiently waits for...

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Best Pad Thai - Cooking in Oasis

Best Pad Thai – Cooking in Oasis

We had a lot of request for the seafood dish, and this is the day for it! Delicious Pad Thai made in AlmazanKitchen’s oasis hideout! Wonderful seafood, cooked in the traditional way in the wok, flavored with ginger, chili, onions and handful of cashew nuts! There’re also small tricks to...

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