Using gold leaves for food is a common practice, but not in the forest! First in its kind steak with gold leaf glaze, grilled using primitive techniques and with handmade compound butter! Yes, this gold can be eaten! You will need these ingredients: dry aged beef filet gold leaf butter block ...

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Salt Pile Steak - Don't Miss This!

Salt Pile Steak – Don’t Miss This!

We’re inviting you on a date. Yes, you did read it correctly the date with Almazan Kitchen®. Only you and Almazan Kitchen®. We will go to a beautiful and silent forest. For the main course, we will have delicious perfect rib eye steak cooked in salt, and no, shush, sweet creature,...

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#1 Philly Cheese Steak - Forest Made

#1 Philly Cheese Steak – Forest Made

Spring throwback once more! Classic Philadelphia cheese steak made on fire in a magical Serbian forest near a beautiful waterfall! We bet you heard stories about the sudden popularity of simple things, this delicious beast is one of them! Long story short: Olivieri brothers decided to make a new sandwich with...

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