Wolf’s Steak

Wolf's Steak
Hi and welcome to AlmazanKitchen!

This time in the forest series with AlmazanKitchen you will see an interesting trick how to start a fire when all wood is wet. Our pet – Aski the Wolf will help us. Well… His fur. Of course we have something special for you. Great beef rib eye steak with sweet & hot melon garnish!

You will need this ingredients:

  • 800g beef rib eye steak
  • 1 melon
  • handful of walnuts
  • 1 tsp. ground chili
  • 1 tbsp. honey


Starting the fire with wolf’s fur:

  1. Take some fur from middle-sized wolf (WARNING! IT IS DANGEROUS!)
  2. Build a campfire.
  3. Ignite the fur with magic of your hands… If you can’t just use the lighter or something else.
  4. Put the fur beneath the campfire.

Melon garnish:

  1. Cool the melon at +43°F(+6°C)
  2. Preheat the pan.
  3. Toss handful of walnuts into the pan.
  4. Fry it few minutes.
  5. Prepare the grinder.
  6. Transfer walnuts from the pan into the grinder.
  7. Grind well.
  8. Remove the top from the melon then cut the melon in half.
  9. Scoop out… or hand out the seeds.
  10. Cut both halves into major slices.
  11. Make small cuts on the slices. But do not cut off.

Preparing the steak:

  1. Preheat the grill cage.
  2. Load 800g beef rib eye steak into the grill cage.
  3. Salt it.
  4. Grill for 5 min. flip halfway and salt once more.
  5. Leave to rest for 3 min.
  6. Slice onto minor pieces.

Serving and decorating(Final steps):

  1. Cover melon slices with 1 tbsp. of honey.
  2. Add ground walnuts above.
  3. Add 1 tsp. ground chili same way.
  4. Enjoy! Bon Almazan!

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Do not sit home, love the nature, and cheers to you all!

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