Extreme Tacos From Scratch in The Forest

This time really special tacos, made from scratch in the forest! Enjoy!

Breakfast Sandwich – 3 Years old Cured Meat

For this recipe we use 3 years old homemade kulen, fermented in perfect conditions and ready to bring you the explosion of flavours!

Chicken Burger – Serbian Style

This is one really special burger and you never saw anything similar before! It is cooked on fire in the wild forest and the ingredients that we combine are really special…

Juicy Pork Tacos

Can you make tacos in the forest completely from scratch? Yes you can, we made them for you and they are juicy and extremely delicious!

Super Crispy Spring Rolls

The only spring rolls in the world that are made 100% from scratch in the forest! Super crispy hand-made dough, spicy, juicy meat, fresh organic veggies and special sauce from the cherries we picked in our forest.

Best Burrito Ever – In the Forest from Scratch

The mind-blowing burrito made from scratch in the wild mountain forest!

Buttermilk Chicken Wings

Juiciest, crispiest, tastiest chicken wings that you ever saw! Marinated in buttermilk and cooked on fire in wild mountain forest.

The 2000$ Steak – King of Steaks

This is one very specail chunk of meat and you may wonder, why does it cost 2000$? The meat is from a special wild buffalo sort, that was fed with picked Rtanj mountain herbs,

Cheese Steak – feat. Mr.Ramsay the Owl

Do you like melt cheese? Then this video is just right for you!

Super Tacos – Extremely Crispy Chicken

Beautiful day in our forest kitchen and this Mr.Ramsay’s superb tacos made it even better!

Fall of the Bone Chicken – feat. Ramsay the Owl

Mr.Ramsay the Owl wanted some chicken, this time with a mind blowing glazy sweet & sour sauce!

Fried Cheese Burger – King of Burgers 2000 CAL

Imagine the juiciest patty that is made from free-range buffalo meat, combined with homemade cheese that is fried on fire + some refreshing yogurt sauce and you get a one a kind burger that puts your fingers to danger!

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