Risotto and Turkey Steak

Can you make risotto in the foroest? Yes you can! Just follow this simple recipe and your forest risotto will be best ever!

Best Steak and Potatoes

Simple yet delicious steak made in our special forest toaster + crispy fried potatoes!

Forest Bacon Hot Dog

We used special homemade free-range cured bacon to make a crispy topping for this incredible hot dog that features our premium handmade sausage, homemade mayo and pickles…

Hang-Roasted Chicken – Primitive Cooking

Primitive cooking technique you shouldn’t miss! It will make the fall of the bone meat that is juicy, smoky and tender!

Stuffed Hamburger Patty Recipe – Forest Cooking

Serbian style kajmak stuffed hamburger made in the forest on campfire!

Dark Souls Chicken Wings

Behold the hottest chicken wings in the world with special Dark Souls inspired sauce. This lava hot sauce is made from 9 hottest Serbian chilies, including insane Serbian ripper chili.

Ultimate Serbian Breakfast – Tomato Steak + Coal Baked Egg + Delicacies

Special breakfast that you never saw before

How to Make Ramen in the Forest from Scratch

This is the first and only ramen dish cooked in the forest completely from scratch, including hand made pasta!

The Best Turkey Curry

Spicy, creamy, simply delicious, this is more than a cooking video, it’s the only curry in the world that is made from scratch, on fire, in the forest!

The Best Buffalo Goulash

Outstanding, incredible, delicious goulash from wild Serbian buffalo cooked for 3 hours in our forest kitchen!

Best Turkey Breast – feat. Mr.Rasmsay the Owl

This superb dish is made from multiple layers of flavors, from free-range turkey breast to specially grown Almazan tomatoes, fresh basil and buffalo mozzarella.

1000$ Pizza – In the Forest on Fire

Are you ready for the most unique pizza that you ever saw? It is featuring premium homemade Serbian prsuta that is cured for 3 years under special conditons and fresh mozzarella cheese made from Serbian buffalo milk.

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